Thursday, August 4, 2011

Resistance is not futile!

I've started reading "The War of Art" again. The author mentions the main origin of resistance - the self. One of the forms of resistance is procrastination. Procrastination and I are likethis. We've been besties for years because he/she (?) has been a hugely integral part of my life ever since I was but a wee child. For example, because of Procrastination, I put off joining a cell group for nearly a DECADE. I've finally joined one - but my prayer life is so stagnant and my prayers feel so weak and without conviction. I've wanted to lose about 15 pounds for YEARS - and I've finally started to wean myself off sugar and empty carbs. I've been meaning to improve my Korean for YEARS - and I've finally just dusted off my texts from Yonsei so I can remember and improve. Procrastination is a sly beast. I wouldn't consider myself a creative person - I can't even draw a decent stick figure. But I enjoy putting my thoughts into words. I think I was afraid to process and to draw my thoughts out on paper - which is why I've started quite a few blogs and let them die quietly. As Lazy Girl Rambling, though, let's hope I'm more successful!
The rest of 2011, I vow to kick Resistance and Procrastination's asses. No more letting my ass spread on the sofa while watching Law and Order marathons. No more WISHING I could do this, I could be that. I will do it, I will become it.

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