Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I visited the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA today with my friend Stella. Truth be told, I'm not artistically inclined in any way at all - my pencil drawings look like they were drawn by a kindergartener, and if I am drawn to a piece of art, I can't explain the attraction. I have no artistic sensibilities. I was amazed by how prolific Tim Burton was - his doodles, his pen/pencil scratches, everything that he produced over the years was documented in this exhibit. And then I realized - he may have been born with the talent, but he nurtured it. He kept trying, creating, producing. And it sounds like a little thing - but when you think about the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years he spent improving his art, the sheer dedication and focus is completely amazing. Today's exhibit spoke to me in a way that no other exhibit has before.

I created this blog so that I could have a space for my thoughts - but I've hardly even made a dent. Truly, I picked the best name for this blog because it describes me exactly. I can't think of how amazing it'll be to look back and read entries written when I was another person. So I'll continue to write, struggle, and grow. I'm thankful for this space.

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