Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I'm feelin' now

Here's the thing: I LOVE KOREA. And I want to go back. I lived there for two years - for one year after graduating from college, and then again just last year. My friends and family are baffled at my undying love for this country where, admittedly, I've often witnessed an appalling lack of social graces and the heat and humidity in the summer is no friend to my sensitive skin. So when I'm asked WHY I love that place so much, it's a struggle to put my feelings into words. I just do. Isn't that enough? I don't have to justify the way I feel to anyone.

Anyways, right after I returned from my year in Korea, I started searching for teaching jobs again, but this time, I specifically searched for those only in Seoul. Where the cafes, good eats restaurants, palaces, and bakeries make my heart go all a-flutter. And yes, the fact that three of the four items I listed are gastronomical in nature doesn't escape me. I am who I am.

But recently, I applied for and got a part-time tutoring job nearby at a local college. The hourly wage is half what I used to make but it's a job, and I'm thankful God's answered my prayers (and probably my parents', too). But here's the dilemma- do I keep applying for teaching jobs in Korea which would start in March 2011 and tutor only this semester, or should I search for teaching jobs in CA - where my family and friends are, but my heart isn't?

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